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A 100-line POSIX compatible shell script to decode, parse Shadowsocks(R)/V2Ray subscription link and create configuration files.

Disclaimer: This is a toy project. I don't know the standard of the encoding of those link URLs, so some parsing could quite possibly go wrong.


  • base64 to decode base64 format data
  • curl or wget to download http links (optional)


The script accepts one or more links as CLI arguments or from pipe. The links can be one of the formats:

  • A single ss:// or ssr:// or vmess:// link. This contains a single configuration.
  • A http(s):// subscription link. This normally contains multiple configurations.
  • A base64 encoded string downloaded from a subscription link.
ssr-decode [ http(s)://link | ss(r)://BASE64 | vmess://BASE64 | BASE64 | < input.txt ]




[ http(s)://link | ss(r)://BASE64 | vmess://BASE64 | BASE64 | < input.txt ]


Some links encode the strings in other encodings other than UTF-8, the script will still decode with UTF-8. So, expect some non-sense garbles if you run into some of them.


The local_port and timeout in the shadowsocks settings can be controlled with environment variables by LOCAL_PORT and TIMEOUT, the default is 1080 for local port and 300 for timeout

LOCAL_PORT=1234 TIMEOUT=600 ssr-decode


The script will generate *.json configuration files for each Shadowsocks(R)/V2Ray setup.

  • The ShadowsocksR configuration file will be named ssr-$group-$remarks.json with group normally being the service provider, remarks being the description of this setup.
  • The Shadowsocks configuration file will be named ss-$server-$port.json.
  • The V2Ray configuration file will be named v2ray-$ps.json with ps normally being the description.

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